Coffee Fundraising Companies For Schools

If you are shopping for the best coffee fundraising companies for schools then you have come to the right place!

There are many fundraiser companies that sell coffee.

In this article we discuss the benefits of the Fundraising Zone coffee fundraising program.

If you like the idea of no money out of pocket...

Up to 50% profit on every sale...

And a free prize incentive program for kids...

Then keep reading :)

15 Commonly Asked Questions Answered

1. What kind of groups will this coffee selling program work for?

We have had success with all kinds of non-profit groups selling coffee. So this includes schools, churches, youth groups, as well as every sort of cheer, dance and sports team. Because this works so well, we invite you to give it a try.

2. Why should we consider selling java to raise money?

Do you know anyone that drinks coffee every day? Do you know anyone that buys coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts every day? This is why you should sell coffee!

So now you now have a built-in list of prospects that love coffee and are spending money already on their caffeine fix everyday. I am sure they would be happy to support your school fundraiser or church fundraiser if you told them about it.

Don’t you agree?

3. How profitable is it to use this brochure?

The Ultimate Coffee Collection pays your school or youth group 40% profit on each sale. This makes it a very profitable school fundraiser because of it’s high profit margins. So why settle for a 10% or 20% profit fundraising program when you can earn a lot more than that selling coffee?

4. How much money can we make selling a cup of Joe?

That is entirely up to you. This is because the more you sell, the more money you can make.

We suggest that you set a goal to work towards. Your nonprofit group earns $6.40 on every bag or box of coffee sold. If you sell only 250 units, your group still earns a whopping $1600.

Our clients like this program because it helps them make easy money selling products people like to buy.

5. Is it hard selling coffee?

Not at all.

For instance, you can simply ask, “Hi, do you drink coffee?” Then show them your brochure and tell them why your group is raising money. In addition, it helps them feel good about supporting your youth group or school team.

What if they say they don’t drink coffee?

All you have to say is, “Great! Who do you know that drinks coffee? Then get a list of names and numbers. Ask them if they would mind introducing you to their friends.

This is important because personal introductions are easier to sell than talking to people you don’t know.

And finally, be sure to always thank them for their business.

6. How much does it cost to get started?

This coffee program is free to get started.

We provide you with everything you need to succeed. For instance, you get free brochures, envelopes and custom parent letters too! This makes it a totally risk-free fundraiser.

We also promise we will never ask you for money before you begin. In fact, if any coffee fundraising company ask you for money upfront, then run away!

7. Are there any hidden costs to this fundraiser?

No. We count on your repeat business so we will never play games with hidden charges.

8. Is there a minimum order?

We have a 50 unit minimum order for you to qualify for the 40% profit structure.

9. How much is shipping?

Shipping your coffee order is on the house when you sell 50 or more units. Even the smallest group can do this easily because everybody loves to drink coffee.

10. Does this coffee taste good?

We know some people are picky about their coffee. That is why we picked the Ultimate Coffee Collection. We have tasted it here at headquarters and guarantee it tastes great! There are plenty of amazing varieties to choose from, so your customers will love it too.

11. How do I do we use this brochure with a school fundraiser?

  1. First of all, tell us how many students you have. We will send you a gourmet coffee catalog for every student.
  2. Secondly, tell us about your fundraiser and we will design a custom parent letter for you to send home with the kids.
  3. Additionally, ask the parents to take the catalog to work and show their co-workers.
  4. Furthermore, have the children show the coffee brochure to friends and family.
  5. In addition, collect payment upfront for the coffee purchased.
  6. Send your order in to us along with your payment.
  7. Next, we will ship you your order.
  8. Thereafter have the students deliver the coffee to their customers.
  9. And finally, keep a list of names and repeat it again next year!

12. What about customer service if there is a problem?

We are here to serve you.

In fact, we have been helping schools and non-profits for over 50 years. We stand 100% behind our coffee products and will do whatever it takes to satisfy your customers.

Remember, we want you to have a successful coffee event. So our goal is to earn the right to help you next year too!

13. Do you have any fundraising ideas to help us sell the most coffee?

14. Do you have free prize incentive program?

Yes we do.

This is also a great way to help your young people to want to sell even more. Furthermore, we give you a choice. You can either choose the prize program or earn a bonus of 2% more profit.  Think seriously about using the prize program because it really does work!

15. What if we need help? Who can we call with questions?

Click on the brochure to have all your questions answered.

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